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How to proceed

If you feel prejudiced by a CRHA or CRIA, several recourses are available depending on the nature of your allegations and your purpose. The first step is to ask the Syndic to conduct an investigation.

To request an investigation by the Syndic, you must fill out the “Investigation Request Form” (see below), which will give you detailed instructions on how to proceed.


Request Process

Whenever an investigation is requested to the Syndic of the Ordre, a disciplinary process is triggered to sanction any violations to the Code of Ethics. To find out about the various steps, click on the button below.


Subsequent Steps

If the Syndic decides to file a complaint, the Disciplinary Council hears the parties and renders a decision on the complaint filed against the CRHA or CRIA. At this stage, proceedings become public unless the Council orders closed proceedings.

If the Syndic decides not to file a complaint, the complainant may, within 30 days of receiving the decision, request the opinion of the Review Committee. Before this Committee, proceedings are always confidential.

Please send to the Syndic your investigation request accompanied by supporting documents, where appropriate.

Syndic of the Ordre

The Syndic receives complaints from the public. It investigates and responds to the complainant’s request; if it concludes that the Code of Ethics has been violated, it may file a complaint before the Disciplinary Council.

  • Pierre-Alain Rey, CRHA, Syndic

Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés
Office of the Syndic
1200, McGill College Avenue, Suite 1400
Montreal (QC) H3B 4G7

514 879-1636 / 1 800 214-1609, #262

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