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In support of the event

In town without my car!, which is celebrating its sixth anniversary this year, the Ordre des CRHA et CRIA du Québec (ORHRI) reviews some inexpensive policies that organizations could adopt to promote sustainable mobility all year long.

“Organizations can permanently introduce a number of relevant HR initiatives that are often good for the environment, as well as advantageous for employees and employers alike,” explained Florent Francoeur, CHRP, Ordre President and CEO.

Reorganizing work or “two birds with one stone”!

Some forms of work organization can help reduce environmental and financial costs tied to employee travel. The four-day week, telework, and video teleconferencing are just a few good examples. “These measures not only enable employers to save time and money, but they also improve work/personal life balance. Workers spend more time at home and waste less time on the road,” continued Francoeur.

Green and inexpensive ways to travel

There are many other ways organizations can promote more ecological and inexpensive methods of transportation. They can introduce carpool programs, lease hybrid cars for employee use, organize private commuter services for intercity travel from the office, or reimburse public transit fares. “Companies are often looking for ways to cut travel costs. Most solutions are simple and profitable: an Internet carpool bulletin board can reduce these costs; reimbursing public transit fares costs less than paying for an employee’s parking or mileage and eliminates costs arising from lateness caused by traffic jams,” added Francoeur.

The Ordre believes that HR practices of this kind are an excellent way for businesses to contribute to their social balance sheet and stand out from the crowd as an employer.

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