Vous lisez : Significant salary hikes projected for all employment categories in 2013

Salary projections for 2013 for Quebec and for Canada as a whole will be released today at the Rendez-vous de la rémunération meeting, organized by the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés. The Ordre is proud to have been able to present this vital information for all Quebec managers for the last 11 years.

A survey conducted among 2,754 organizations by seven prestigious compensation consulting firms ‒ Aon Hewitt, Hay Group, Mercer, Morneau Shepell, Normandin Beaudry, Saucier Conseil inc. and Towers Watson ‒ anticipates an average salary increase of 2.9% in Quebec and across Canada. In addition to data for all workers, the combined results also provide salary increase forecasts according to industry sector and employment category.

“These forecasts signal some light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the uncertainty of the global economy, thanks to the stabilization of the inflation rate in Quebec and the rest of Canada, workers will be able to make their raises go further,” commented Florent Francoeur, CHRP, Ordre President and CEO.

Employers’ predictions for Quebec in 2013
Overall, the survey anticipates an average salary increase of 2.9% in Quebec in 2013, which is 0.3 percentage points (% pt) higher than the 2.6% forecast in 2012.

The transportation and warehousing sector tops the list at 3.9%, followed by the construction industry at 3.7%. Conversely, at 2.6%, the wholesale and retail sectors are expected to post the lowest increase.

As for types of employment, senior executives in the transportation and warehousing sector will see their salary rise by 4.8%, representing not only the highest increase for this job classification, but also for all categories combined. At the other end of the scale, administrative and technical employees are expected to receive the lowest increase at 2.4%

Lastly, of the three employment categories, senior executives will enjoy the highest average overall increase (3.2%), followed by managers and professionals (3.1%) and administrative and technical employees (3.0%). 

Employers’ predictions for Canada in 2013
Forecasts indicate that the average salary increase Canada-wide should be 2.9% in 2013, compared to 2.8% in 2012. Alberta is the front-runner here with a projected increase of 3.7%, versus 2.9% for Quebec and 2.8% for Ontario, with the Atlantic provinces trailing slightly behind at 2.5%.

The mining, oil and gas extraction industry is slated for the highest increase in 2013 at 3.3%. In contrast, the survey anticipates the lowest increase will be in the utilities sector (2.6%). Senior executives and managers and professionals in the mining, oil and gas extraction sector will receive an increase of 3.4%, which is the highest of all categories. Furthermore, all of Canada’s provinces can expect to see similar average increases in all employment categories. 

“Interestingly, greater parity between employment categories is predicted for Quebec and the rest of Canada. Although we tend to think that employers always enjoy the highest increases, it seems that everyone will have a share of the pie in 2013,” added Francoeur.

To learn more
A summary table of the results of the 2013 salary projections survey is set out at the end of this media release (in French only). For a copy of the complete study, cllick here.

Tableau synthèse des augmentations salariales prévues pour 2013.
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