Vous lisez : Workers’ salary increase expectations down by 30% over last year Findings of a CROP-CRHA survey

Quebec workers expect their salary increases in 2010 to be an average 30% lower than in 2009. This is the finding of a CROP survey commissioned by the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés and released today to mark the Ordre’s annual conference on compensation, Rendez-vous de la rémunération.

Average expected increase of 2.5% for 2010
Quebec workers appear to be less optimistic this year than they were a year ago. According to the survey, they expect to receive an average 2.5% increase next year, compared to the 3.6% reported at the same time last year.

What’s more, women anticipate a 2.2% hike in 2010, while men are hoping for 2.8%.

Interestingly, close to one respondent in five (18%) thinks there won’t be any increase in 2010, versus 14% last year.

Working conditions: organizations still on track
The CROP-CRHA poll also shed light on the impact of the economic crisis on certain working conditions in Quebec.

More than one-third (68%) of employees reported that their salary rose in 2009, compared to 31% who said it decreased (6%) or remained the same (25%).

The crisis appears to have had little effect on usual working hours since 77% of workers indicated that they hadn’t changed. The same holds true for training opportunities offered by employers and group insurance plan benefits: respectively 79% and 75% of those interviewed reported no change despite the troubled economic times.

Other organizations neglecting employee recognition
Lastly, although 75% of respondents were satisfied with the recognition they received from their employers (congratulations, messages of appreciation, etc.) in 2009, 25% disagreed.

“We’re pleased to see that many organizations have maintained the same working conditions despite the crisis. However, the lack of recognition felt by 25% of respondents is cause for concern because marks of appreciation are crucial to employee motivation and have a direct impact on productivity,” commented Florent Francoeur, CHRP, Ordre president and CEO.

To learn more
Highlights from the CROP-CRHA survey are presented in the appendix. The complete survey results are available at by clicking here (in French only).


CROP-CRHA survey findings

Average increases (%)



Expected increase in 2010 Expected increase in 2009
All workers 2,5% 3,6%
Men 2,8% 3,7%
Women 2,2% 3,4%

% by category

Categories - % increase

Expected increase in 2010 - % of workers Expected increase in 2009 -
% of workers
None 18% 14%
Less than 1% 5% 3%
1 to 2.9% 38% 29%
3 to 4.9% 13% 22%
5 to 9.9 % 5% 11%
10% or more 4% 7%
Don’t know / No answer 17% 15%

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