Vous lisez : CROP-ORHRI survey shows Quebecers enjoy good workplace relations

According to a CROP survey conducted for the Ordre des CRHA et CRIA du Québec (ORHRI) to mark international Labour Day, which will be celebrated tomorrow, Quebecers seem to get along well with each other in the workplace.

In response to the survey, 93% of Quebec employees described their relations with their co-workers as very good (67%) or good (26%), and their relations with their superiors as very good (33%) or good (44%), for a total of 77%.

“These findings reflect the major HR management improvements that organizations have implemented in recent years in terms of communication, information sharing and mobilization, for example. And all this directly impacts on relations between individuals in the workplace,” explained Florent Francoeur, CHRP, Ordre President and CEO.

Work climate: a decisive factor in organizational performance

A good work climate has many positive spin-offs. Not only does a healthy organizational environment help improve productivity, but it also stimulates innovation, adaptability to change and profitability. As well, it’s a valuable asset for employers that want stand out from the crowd and attract and retain the best talent.

“Like working conditions in general, good working relations directly influence employee morale and mobilization. In fact, since we often spend over one-third of our time at work, they are frequently considered just as or even more important than the nature of the work itself. Employers that want to make their mark have to create favourable conditions for introducing and maintaining a good work climate that combines a quality environment, sound HR practices and employee well-being,” concluded Francoeur.

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