Vous lisez : A CROP-ORHRI survey reveals summer hours to be increasingly popular in organizations

Among respondents who work summer hours, 72 % said this schedule applied to all the employees in their organization, compared to 26 % who said it applied to certain employees only. “This is probably because some jobs, such as assembly line work, aren’t suited to HR practices of this kind. If employers offer summer hours, they have to interrupt production, which can be problematic for some companies,” explained Ordre President and CEO Florent Francoeur, CHRP.

Interestingly, the survey shows that 90 % of the workers concerned are satisfied with their employers’ summer schedule. In Francoeur’s opinion, “This isn’t surprising since it’s a good way to contribute to a healthy balance between work and personal life.”

Not everyone agrees…

Some 47 % of respondents who don’t benefit from summer hours would like to see their employer introduce this practice, which would make it easier for them to balance their work and family commitments. Conversely, a very close percentage ( 45 % ) of those interviewed said they weren’t in favour of summer schedules. “The fact that workers have mixed opinions on the issue could partly be explained by fears about the impact of summer hours. They might think they’d earn less or that their workload would be heavier the rest of the week to make up for their time off.” Employers should take these considerations into account when establishing summer hours to make sure they don’t backfire,” concluded Francoeur.

To learn more…

Download the results of the CROP survey (in French only). 

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