Vous lisez : A CROP-ORHRI survey reveals organizations are facing high staff turnover

According to the findings of a CROP survey conducted for the Ordre des CRHA et CRIA du Québec (ORHRI), over half of Quebec workers consider employee turnover to be high within their organization.

High staff turnover

In response to the survey, 53% of Quebec workers reported that staff turnover is very (25%) or fairly (28%) high within their organization. For workers aged 18 to 34, this figure climbs to 66%. In addition, 33% of respondents stated their employer has problems keeping its best employees, while 69% believe that employers continue to retain employees whose performance is mediocre.

“These figures are very indicative of the current labour market situation. In a period of labour shortages, competition is fierce and workers know it. That’s why HR management has become a key competitive factor for organizations that is just as important as marketing and production,” explained Florent Francoeur, CHRP, ORHRI president and CEO.

Why employees leave

At 24%, compensation tops the list of reasons why workers quit their jobs, closely followed by lack of opportunities for advancement (21%), poor working environment (20%) and lack of recognition by their employer (19%).

“Employers now have to consider what they can offer their employees overall. Good pay is no longer enough to attract and retain workers. Employees today are looking for jobs that will allow them to develop, where they can use their skills in a healthy work environment and feel valued. And this is where HR counsellors can play a strategic role,” added Mr. Francoeur.

These issues will be on the agenda at the ORHRI annual conference, which will be attended by some 1,800 human resources and industrial relations professionals.

To learn more…

Download the results of the CROP survey (in French only). 

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