Vous lisez : Three HR professionals honoured at the ORHRI 2006 conference and the Défi meilleurs employeurs gala evening

Three human resources professionals were honoured at the Défi Meilleurs Employeurs gala evening held as part of the annual conference of the Ordre des CRHA et CRIA du Québec (ORHRI).

Winners of the Ordre’s Professionnel émérite award

The Prix Professionnel Émérite (professional emeritus) is an honorary award presented to a human resources management or industrial relations professional whose achievements have contributed to the advancement of the profession and who serves a model for his or her peers.

This year’s recipients of this prestigious award are Jacques Dignard, CIRC, senior vice president, human resources, at Desjardins and Maurice Lemelin, CHRP, a professor at HEC Montréal.

An outstanding management professional, Jacques Dignard has played a key role in promoting the HR function within his organization for over 30 years. Thanks to his clear and innovative vision, this guardian of Desjardins values has been instrumental in implementing HR development strategies that meet the challenges facing his organization.

Maurice Lemelin’s reputation extends well beyond academia into the business community, both here and abroad. In his role as an educator, he has had a major impact on the development of the profession. The exceptional quality of his teaching has inspired an entire generation of HR management and industrial relations professionals in Quebec.

“To receive this distinguished award, a CHRP or CIRC must generally have had a long and successful career marked by innovation, leadership and a unique vision of the HR function in organizations. Through their extraordinary accomplishments, these professionals are an example and an inspiration to us all,” commented Alain Desgagné, CIRC, chairman of the ORHRI board.

A CHRP awarded the Mérite du Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec award

During the same evening, Geneviève Fortier, CHRP, received the Mérite du Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec award in recognition of her remarkable contribution to the advancement of the profession and to the development and reputation of HR professionals.

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