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The best of Canada’s new generation of human resources and industrial relations management professionals met on March 26 and 27 to take part in the 18th Excalibur Tournament, organized by the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines et en relations industrielles agréés du Québec (ORHRI), in association with UQAM’s École des sciences de la gestion.

Students from 18 universities across Canada came to compete in the stimulating atmosphere of this Canadian university tournament.

A unique Canadian competition that brings together our very best future HR professionals

The Excalibur Tournament is a unique annual event that brings together business people, key figures in the human resources and industrial relations communities, academics and students, with one common goal in mind: to ensure the excellence of future professionals in the field.

The Tournament gives Canadian universities offering human resources or industrial relations management programs the opportunity to face off in a first-class competition.

For students, the experience is a fascinating one that places them squarely in the real working world. Competitors are required to pass a number of tests, including solving a fictitious case study and mini case studies, and analyzing an actual business case. This year, TELUS submitted a case for the final test. Throughout the tests, the teams compete before a jury made up of eminent Canadian HR professionals.

This year, participation in the Tournament reached a record high. In fact, Excalibur is now considered the best platform in the country for discovering the most talented future human resources management professionals.

Results: the team from Université de Sherbrooke (Québec) takes first place

The first prize, together with a $3,000 scholarship granted by Monster.ca, was won by the team from Université de Sherbrooke, composed of Marie-Véronique Bernard, Julien Bélanger, Amélie Despars and accompanied by Professor André Petit, CHRP.

The second prize, worth $2,250, granted by DLGL, was awarded to the team from University of Calgary, composed of Heather Craig, Trish Appleyard, Sheila Arduini and accompanied by Professor Piers Steel.

The third prize, including a scholarship of $1,500, sponsored by the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations, went to the team from Université du Québec à Montréal, composed of Audrey Bruneau, Marie-Hélène Gravel, Sharon Petitclerc and accompanied by Professor Daniel Beaupré, CHRP.

Promoting excellence among future HR professionals: everyone winsIn the present global environment, the excellence of human resources and industrial relations management practices is a strategic factor for organizations and employees alike. The ORHRI is actively working on the professionalization of its CHRP and CIRC members, who contribute to establishing practices of excellence in the field. Excalibur is just one of these initiatives. “We need to ensure the transfer of knowledge and the training of future HR professionals, and, at the same time, aim for the highest possible standards. Excalibur gives us the opportunity to discover the personalities of tomorrow in the field of human resources management. It also helps to improve the training offered by the participating universities,” explained Florent Francoeur, ORHRI President-Executive Director.


The Excalibur Tournament was made possible thanks to the participation of the following partners:

UQAM’s École des sciences de la gestion, the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations, Monstre.ca, KPMG, DLGL and Labatt Breweries.

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